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Traffic Light Turned Green

There is also something known as a spiritual vision. It means put your trust and faith in Jesus completely. By doing so, you are gifted with a spiritual eye. This spiritual eye strengthens your spiritual vision. If you observe yourself and practice spirituality enough, the visions only grow stronger. Your faith grows stronger. Remember, no matter how much you feel like you have learned, there will always be more to learn. You are blessed if you get visions while you are praying. The courage and bravery it takes to completely detach from the external world and connect with Jesus makes you grow spiritually.

I said to others, I have to drive to Appleton. Stop Light Turned Green by Police in Appleton. After leaving Appleton, Jesus took me to a long time ago.
  • I heard Jezebel laughing "Is he going to remember?"
I saw Jesus Christ's Crucifixion. I saw Jesus dying in front of me. 3-1-2008.

Father, I never forgot this day. His head tilted down to the left and close to death.

We can't go to tomorrow and make before better. We can go to tomorrow and make tomorrow better.

I was asked, "Did you see him... ?" I answered, "No, I could only see him close to death."

So much that night things I could have never dreamed. This experience broke me apart for month.

The experience broke me apart for months. I gave my decision that night Never Again.

Jesus returned home.

"He was trying to change our beliefs. We had to stop him. We killed him (Jesus Christ)." 7/29/2017
  • Discussions after Jesus' death 33 A.D.
Jesus returned same before he came to Earth.

Stopped on the Balcony
  • I woke and had moved.
  • This happened before the OWL in the parking lot.

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