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The Start of the Times

The Father, "You will be given the tools needed. This will change." The complete statement printed 5/8/2017.

Events during the spring of 2008 and summer of 2009

Buddhism 3/10/2008 9:00 am
  • Intention
  • Action
  • Ethical Conduct
  • Wisdom to make the right decision
I saw Jesus' Crucifixion. Traffic Light Turned Green by Police in Appleton, WI 3/2008

Jesus was distraught after order for his death.

His head tilted down to the left and close to death.

Jesus' crucifixion was posterized and crucifixion cross symbolized. He returned and took himself back!

I am writing this now to close any doubts. Yes, his son died for your sins.

For Thou is Jesus Christ. I asked for your forgiveness, and was given to me.

I talked to Jesus, "I find it hard to find the improvements you expected and did find a lot of the other. So I am ready to find better." 10/2010

Jesus showed me the new world,

I asked, "Where did you find that?" I also said, "Start again there."
  • This is your world Jesus Christ.
The Father, "You pick out the girls."
  • The New Babylon
A Hindu man, "You are a #8." Wauconda, IL 5/9/2008 1 pm

Waiting outside for me was an elder Hindu man. "Yes, you are."

Yes, you are unique in the universe. Evolution also occurred. Your differences are what make you unique. You will always have sin but with a few steps you can find that peace. You are so close.

Jesus' blessings to all.

God is the collection of people life cycles. This is why people feel God. You feel the life cycle of people. This is why God is timeless.

The Father is eternal and past this website. The chapters are a mix of several subjects.

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