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Smartphone and iPhone User Records - It's a Secret

Is iPhone and Smartphone new name, "Call Me Honey Phone?" Smartphone and iPhone Users 2022
  • Call me honey phone
  • Phone video records commercial locations and law enforcement
  • Phone software used at crime location track police approaching and communication.
  • Phone text message stalking
  • Peer group text messaging - phone camera and text messaging.
  • The phone bandit
  • The Next Text 12/18/2021
  • Phone friends network -
Said to me, "There is so much evidence." I am not adding additional words. This is really bad.

Budda, "Do not use women as a tool of ('Aerotiocy?')." 7/23/2017 4.02 am

Call Me Honey Phone User and Call Me Honey Phone Provider 7/25/2017

Call Me Honey Phone Custom Built Encryption Software 8/9/2017

Call Me Honey Phone User
  • WhatsApp - 10/10/2023
Call Me Honey Phone Provider
  • Razer Gift Card and TikTok - 10/10/2023
iPhone (Apple) is now under class action lawsuit. They refuse to provide a method for police, fire, and other law enforcement agencies to access suspects phone records and phone surveillance which would have and prevent 1000's of crimes. Provide a key to stop high tech organized crime.

This is (was) Avoidable

I changed this police now have access to encrypted phone records.

Smartphone and iPhone is a car stereo. 11/7/2020

What is the numeric programming model for iPhone encryption?
  • The Father, "It's HEX 24."
Peer pressure text messaging and group/individual text messaging is a leading crime tool using a computer phone

"They used text messaging to stalk her and then murdered her."

Phone video surveillance and phone text messaging are also biggest crime tools in the history of United States (domestic++ ).

I got everything done on my phone at work... 3/17/2023

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