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Shanghai China Industrial Pollution

China Smog (Shenyang) Reaches 50 times WHO Recommendations

Pictures showed smog so thick that buildings in Changchun, the capital of Jilin province in the northeast, were rendered invisible.

"Smoking prohibited inside the restaurant."

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A residential block covered in smog in Shenyang, China's Liaoning province, on November 8, 2015

China's chronic pollution is generally worse in winter, when power consumption -- much of it fuelled by coal -- rises along with demand for heating to combat the bitter cold.

The scourge has been linked to hundreds of thousands of premature deaths, and has become a major source of popular discontent with the government.

"It's like this every year," was a common refrain.

Smog reaches peak levels in Shanghai - Shanghai China Industrial Pollution - 12/2015

One user wrote: "Environmental pollution has made chronic diseases more and more common; we're becoming the sick man of Asia of the new century." "OMG, look what's coming through right now." 6/16/2019 4.17 pm

Thunder Detonation 7/18/2019

Phone call from Chinese Consulate General Thursday Sept 19 2019 5.19 pm YouTube recording for received phone call: I was greeted by a group of Chinese men in Rockford, IL. I received a duplicate voice mail same time. I was given a written certificate gift from China for writing an article about pollution in Shanghai China.
Thursday Sept 19 2019 5.19 pm

I warned 100's about Shanghai China Industrial Pollution. 5/10/2019

Thick haze in China could be there for days, authorities warn.

Were detonations being used in pollution area to break up solidified areas and released manufacturing exhaust/debris into the atmosphere to clean area?

The summer of 2019 was nonstop rain and thick dark clouds in the sky. This is when today 10/17/2020 started. Earth domestic now have non-stop wind after China's detonation 6/2022. This is not a WHY. This is a NOW. NOW means technology solution clean the area and add filtration tools.

Start closure

The manufacturing exhaust area above ground level has solidified, which means the exhaust area has hardened and remove using cutting blade and cut into small sections remove and bury in the deep hole in the manufacturing area without transporting material. Manufacturing exhaust filtration installed to prevent future occurrences and manufacturing process continues.

Have industrial pollution manufacturing areas started to shut down to install filtration equipment?

The landscape in China's manufacturing areas looked like an apocalyptic scene. The landscape looked like black soil.

Asian girl, "We're just waiting for someone to help us." 6/30/2019

She was crying

You should be getting some help. Let's clean it up. 7/1/2019

We share your tears.

Jezebel, "Bring everyone into a moment of calmness." 7/1/2019

From with Jezebel, "We express our sincere remember." 7/7/2019
  • We prayed together.
Jezebel, "He just changed the weather." 7/11/2019
  • Thunder Detonation 7/18/2019
Jezebel, "What's he going to do with that?" 5/24/2022
  • It detonated! 6/2022
Police confirmed today never heard the term Thunder Detonation and confirmed hearing a load explosion in the sky 7/18/19 and confirmed hearing NON STOP Thunder Detonations 6/7/2021.

Have industrial pollution manufacturing areas started to install filtration equipment?

Proof of fully vaccinated against COVID-19 for schools, sports, music shows, movies, traveling, public and private services and events, and more. 5/1/2021

Americans who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be able to visit the European Union this summer, Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, said in an interview with The New York Times on Sunday 4/25/2021.

Shanghai China Industrial Pollution
  • China cleans solidified pollution areas and COVID- 19/ Coronavirus contaminated areas will be contained. 11/28/2021
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    • COVID-19, "Tell me it's over."
  • The Father, "It's been removed. It's clear." 1/23/2022
    • Shanghai China COVID-19
  • "He is who removed COVID-19." 2/2/2022
    • The Father
  • Facemasks are now optional in Rockford, IL. 4/7/2022
  • Asian girl, "China is the same." 4/12/2022
  • Greenhouse gases and pollution can be reduced.
    • Emission Safe Freight Truck
  • China's Covid policy locks down a city three times the size of New York
    • ai-by-the-numbers-China s-covid-lockdowns.html
  • Has the Shenyang China area experienced a major catastrophe? 5/16/2022
  • Shanghai China Industrial Pollution is hot hot hot! 5/11/2022
  • Feels burning outside. 5/14/2022
  • The Father, "He's who corrected it." 5/14/2022
  • What is approaching is now known. 5/15/2022
  • The Father, "This is reaching everywhere." 5/19/2022"
  • You were warned. 7/1/2019
  • They are the same. Nothing has changed. 2/13/2023
  • Shanghai China residents have been released from COVID-19 city quarantine.
    • Residents, "Where are those guys at now?" 6/1/2022
  • Japan, "Cease all production right now (China )." 6/8/2022
  • Visitor, "There was a major detonation here (China )." 6/11/2022
    • There was a detonation. 6/14/2022
  • The detonation in China has severely damaged our planet.

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