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Red Light Talking

I support new phones for ease of use accessing information. I do not agree check what Jenny is doing this weekend using txt messaging at a stop light. Phones are a privilege.

Engineers can make phones pickup car electronics and disable txt messaging inside a car. 911 will work without restrictions. A separate ear mic call will work in the car and phone ear and phone mic will not be operational and txt messaging disabled inside the car. The manufacturer will be designed to support the enhanced roadway security setting. This will not be a requirement of the state.

If the car is older, a second device is required installed for the phone to be operational and follow the same rules. 911 will work without restrictions.

This will provide cell phone communication without driving safety changes.

Patron cost will be $100 state cost for phones that need more service support. The phone manufacturer is responsible for providing enhanced security features. The state management is simple use a non usable phone number to activate different services.

Freight, car services, etc will pay $100 for the state to verify usage for car phone usage. And secure monitored services can be offered for children etc. This is not against constitutional rights. Computer phones are a privilege. Will this start the criminal side of the phone being monitored? I write yes it will with rules established cost to the patron and manufacturer. Too much? The computer phone electronics support all the proposed changes.

Driving back from your city I witness six car drivers and passengers using phones. The state law hands free driving did not hold.

This was written fast car parked at a bread store on Perryville Rd. Rockford, IL. I did not use a lot of time to write this email.

Sent to Sheriff Dart 2012

I talked to two of your deputies last night at Shell on Dundee Palatine IL. They thought this was kind of funny. The same text below was sent to Governor Quinn this morning.


I would like state law introduced called Red Light Talking. And started with hands free driving. I have seen numerous auto patrons using their phone crossing red lights with oncoming traffic for the green light.

This week I have seen four patrons turning left on a red light talking on their phone. They had no focus on roadway driving.

I don't think you can do much. I don't think you have time to read this note. And I don't think the police can do much.

The phones could be designed to monitor if the phone owner is walking or traveling faster and disabled if moving faster than a walking speed. People that require fast rate of motion real time communication networking can use a mounted computer with an internet card.

So my joke for you today is Red Light Talking.

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