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National Satellite Video Coverage for Child Abduction

I initiated National Satellite Video Coverage

Provide access to national satellite video coverage for law enforcement to back track crimes reported.

This change would be unmatched finding missing children. And a lot more too.
  • "We will receive access to it."
National Satellite Video Coverage for child abduction alert." 9/13/2018

A license plate can be visible for a vehicle and satellite picture can return a picture of the license plate visible. Satellite pictures can return a visible picture of people. The Father, "This is attainable." 12/31/2018

U.S. General, "It's starting with child abduction." 3/22/2019

U.S. Federal already has national satellite surveillance video services in place that far exceedx commercial services.

Will providing detailed Federal video surveillance to law enforcement resolve 1000's of reported crimes? Yes! Start there. I remember several times public news of crimes reported would have been solved with access to national satellite video coverage.

Police, "We're going to know the next morning what happened."

You just reviewed changing life in a really good way. 12/12/2019

Hoffman Estates, IL police officer, "That is impressive." 2/5/2020

Police, "Well written."

The Father, "They found her." 3/29/2021

Police, "We're sure the ones that did it!" 1/5/2022

The defence department in Tennessee captured escaped Alabama prisoner using National Satellite Video Coverage.

The Lauderdale County Sheriff from Alabama has the contacts to initiate National Satellite Video Coverage for Alabama. 5/9/2022

Steven stopped child abductions. 9/18/2023

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