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Emission Safe Freight Truck for Air Pollution
  • I initiated Emission Safe Freight Truck 9/27/2020
    • Pollution has significantly decreased in the United States of America. 5/11/2023
      • Interstate 39, Illinois is now Emission Safe Freight Trucks one after another and the roadway is clean air. 8/22/2023
        • This is life-changing.
Emission Safe Freight Truck drove past me at RCFD public library no diesel exhaust.

Worked real well, there is a completed solution. 12/15/2019

Emission Safe Freight Truck and construction dump truck drove past me no diesel exhaust. 1/2/2020

Roadway US-20 fresh air S Appleton Rd to Belvidere, IL 1/5/2020, 1/6/2020, 1/7/2020...

Fresher outdoor air US-20 to Belvidere 1/10/2020

Started... 1/23/2020

Freight trucks exhaust outdoor air noticeably cleaner. Belvidere, IL using 20 returning west to Rockford, IL 1/25/2020 9 is

Freight truck Rockford, IL without exhaust pipes and truck had diesel fuel tanks and no visible exhaust and fresh air. 1/26/2020 1:15 pm

Watching freight trucks with no exhaust pipes and no visible pollution one after another on i90. The breathing air is clean Rockford, IL. 2/8/2020

Keep going, keep going, keep going 4/13/2020

One freight truck after another Emission from freight truck safe for expressways in the State of Illinois. 2/12/2020

Emission Safe Freight Truck 2/15/2020

Mt Vernon, IL two brand new Emission Safe Freight Truck owner colors sky blue Werner trucking. Werner Trucking 2/17/2020

A brand new Emission Safe Freight Truck drove past me tonight. I could hear the motor. 2/24/2020 9:18 pm

This is a noticeable outdoor air improvement. 2/24/2020

Emission Safe Freight Truck on the road now! 3/23/2020

Freight truck pollution has significantly improved. 4/15/2020

Texas highways (Emission Safe Freight Truck - on the road now!) is clean air confirmed by a gentleman from Texas 4/21/2020

Leaving Peru, IL traveling north on 39, passed Freightliner freight truck no exhaust pipes.

Gasoline powered vehicles can be converted to liquid natural gas powered road compatible vehicles in 6 months.

Freightliner Trucks' Business Class 126" BBC 48" XT Cascadia specified to utilize natural gas. 10/16/2021

USA oil reserves used to lower gas prices and new power motors liquid natural gas and emissions save powered freight trucks is expanding changing power fuel needs.

Liquid natural gas powered current vehicles conversion supported. 11/18/2021

Have oil reserves been used to stabilize gas prices? 11/24/2021

FACT SHEET: President Biden Sets 2030 Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Target Aimed at Creating Good-Paying Union Jobs and Securing U.S. Leadership on Clean Energy Technologies
  • Article
  • Diesel freight trucks are using a new emission safe design.
  • Freightliner Emission Safe Freight Truck
Emission Safe Freight Trucks 9/9/2021 and 9/17/2021

This is life-changing. 5/2019

India closed gas stations 3/28/2020 support emission safe freight truck.

Emission Safe Freight Trucks are on the road one after another. 2/11/2020

Has air pollution ( now reduced extended winter 2022? 4/2/2022

Emission Safe Freight Truck
  • The main gases responsible for the greenhouse effect include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and water vapor (which all occur naturally), and fluorinated gases (which are synthetic).
  • Greenhouse gases are removed from the atmosphere, over time, by different processes.
Brand new Sygma Emission Safe Freight Truck passed by Hobby Lobby 173 no pollution very clean air fresh air. 5/19/2022

Brand new Freightliner Emission Safe Freight Truck was driving in Rockford truck only 7/3/2022

i-39 Rockford, IL is fresh brething air pollution significantly reduced. 8/5/2023

Emission Safe Freight Trucks - 2/28/2023

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