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Electromagnet (Magnetic) Piston Cylinder Motor (Super)
  • The cylinder size diameter used for metal density returns calculates magnetic force for horsepower (F=MA).
The magnetic pistom motor uses Newton's equation to replace Maxwell's equation for magnetic fields using piston diameter and density for magnetic force and gas motor combustion piston accelration and weight for Newton force F=MA. Electromagnet (Magnetic) Piston Cylinder Motor uses current automobile engine area and transmission and matches gasoline motor combustion thrust/force pressure and torque acceleration.

Electronic distributor (matches gasoline motor distributor firing pattern) and magnetic piston cylinder electric thrust force can set motor HP at any number the block and mechanical will support.

The Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine operates by taking electricity from a battery, converting it to Magnetic Energy using electromagnets, and converting that kinetic energy to Mechanical Energy using the crankshaft. The Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine can produce various amounts of horsepower and torque.

My design idea is to replace the gasoline motor with Electromagnet (Magnetic) Piston Cylinder Motor and gas tank for battery. Vehicle fuel sale areas could offer a 5/10 minute vehicle charge (pass through charge). The charge would last similar time to gasoline added. This design model can move out further.

"We have built a working motor." 11/17/2018

The design model is open patent FREE to use (1997). This would make a noticeable difference in pollution and resolve a longterm international issue. Maybe we watch a long-term international issue resolved? "It would be gone."

The gasoline motor thrust and torque matches piston combustion force in Newton force. Metal density controls electric charge time for force F=MA (Newton Force) and electromagnetic for electromagnet repulsion force piston motor electromagnet design. The gasoline motor piston combustion force can be replicated using electromagnetic repulsion. (1996) Existing automobile services stay intact. The gasoline motor mean piston speed can also be used to calculate Newton force.

The motor contains an electromagnet that is connected to a shaft. When current flows through the motor, the electromagnet rotates, causing the shaft to rotate as well. ... When current passes through the electromagnet, it becomes magnetized, and its poles are repelled by the like poles of the permanent magnets.

My design the Electromagnet Piston 4 Cylinder (1.5L) Motor had a two to three day of driving time per charge and outperforms electromagnet spindle motor.

Steven D. Jensen 12/1/2018

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