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The Rock of Water | Molecular Level | National Satellite Video Coverage for Child Abduction | American Gun Violence | Red Light Talking | Traffic Light Turned Green | Smartphone and iPhone | Shanghai China Industrial Pollution | The Start of the Times | Electromagnet (Magnetic) Piston Cylinder Motor | Microsoft Stays | Emission Safe Freight Truck for Air Pollution

Beautiful Jezebel - Rock of Water, "He said no."
"Have you felt heaven open? I just felt heaven open." The Rock of Water and Beautiful Jezebel

One the biggest change in our lives historically is people have international wireless technology communication and language translation using SmartPhones and iPhones.

People's safety should revise (modify) the right to keep and bear arms Second Amendment Law for American Gun Violence including Handguns and High Powered Rifles used for several group shootings. 1/3/2023
  • The Second Amendment is fragmented. 9/20/2023
    • Amend the Second Amendment. 5/7/2023
My dearest, we have taken heaven back. Jesus Christ's blessings to you and my blessings to you. 5/2012 - I am writing this now to close any doubts. Yes, his son died for your sins.

I saw Jesus Christ's Crucifixion. His head tilted down to the left and close to death.
  • The hurt keeps coming at me. 3/30/2023
This is what heaven looks like. A sphere that rotates in front of the light source does not orbit. The dawn and dusk is not an object in the sky, but dawn and dusk is a uniform light source.

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